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The game is still in development, but you can try out the showcase demo below!

City of Beats is a music-driven rogue-lite shooter in which you explore a futuristic city above the clouds.

Choose your route through procedurally generated expeditions filled with events and dangerous places to discover and loot.

Immerse yourself in rhythmic combat encounters, getting into a zen-like flow state of dodging enemy attacks synced to the music, all while shooting the melody with your weapons.

Any feedback is appreciated, no matter how short! Based on the amount and content of the feedback we're getting, we'll decide whether to build this into a full game or not, and which scope it will have. Here are some ideas/plans for the future:

  • more parts of the city to explore with varied environments, enemy types, combat challenges and gameplay elements
  • more upgrades, traits, boons, weapons, skills and generally more ways to tune and customize your character back in the hub (better metagame progression)
  • we might switch to a humanoid player character in the future and include sword combat, but this is still TBD
  • some sort of a story to help you immerse in the game's world

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Install instructions

IMPORTANT! If you have problems starting the game because of a missing DLL, you're missing a Visual C++ Redistributable installation. You can find them here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-d... (it's probably the Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 download)


Showcase Demo 2020-07-28 440 MB

Development log


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Finally completed the game without drone tuning. I would like the game to scale with a bigger map and different song for each level.


So there are no-tuning challenge runs already? :D How many runs/how much time did it take you (approx.) to do this?

The idea is that you'll jump to the next part of the city after the boss and continue on a new map & environment. More music tracks are also planned.


3 runs.

Yes, I know. So one track for each map?


Currently there are 3 encounter tracks in the demo, we might do ~5 per chapter/environment. They are highly dynamic though, with different music sections playing in different orders, with different layers each time you play them etc. It takes quite some effort to create a track with this scope.